Encrochers Erected a Temple on the Land Belonging to Minority Families

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Aashish DeepLand Conflict Watch

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November 22, 2019

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Communal/Ethnic Conflict




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Uttar Pradesh


Land Use

In Badayun, the influential people of the community encroached upon the land belonging to a few minority families in Badayun district. Further, a temple was built on the land and people started worshipping. An old temple already existed nearby.  Aggrieved families approached the local police, after which a policeman visited the area and ordered to vacate it. Although the land was vacated after that it was soon encroached again by the same people with the claim that the land belonged to the temple. Now landowners have reached out to the district administration; SubDistrict Magistrate of the area has set up an inquiry.

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District Administration

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