Encroachment Upon the Historic Ghantaghar Premise in Etah

Location of Conflict

Manganj Ward


Region Classification

Reason or Cause of Conflict

Encroachment by Non-Right Holders (Other than Caste-Based)



Type of Land


Type of Common Land

Non-Forest (Other than Grazing Land)


Uttar Pradesh


Land Use

Starting Year


People Affected
by Conflict


Investment Affected (in Crores)

Land Area Affected (in Hectares)

The Mughal era clock tower in Eta is under encroachment for years; because of which it is neither being maintained nor renovated.  Permanent shops have been constructed in the encroached premise, which also covers half of the road. Road jams are a frequent sight due to this. During a few Local inspection drives in the past, some moves were done to eliminate the encroachment but could not achieve a result due to fierce protest from the shop owners. The administration has made no attempt towards the beautification of the above, although it is one of the reputed tourist spots in Eta. Civilians have with the help of NGO have taken the issue to the administration many times, but it has not yielded any positive response.

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Government Bodies Involved in the Conflict:

District Administration

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