Bikram Residents in Bihar Stop Construction of Bypass Road to NH 98

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December 3, 2019

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Around 38 residential and agricultural land owners of Bikram village have accused the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and the state government for paying less compensation for their land that has been acquired for construction of bypass road connecting National Highway 98 to Hazaribagh. A compensation of Rs 70 crores has been already paid to about 242 families whose land has been acquired. Around two square kilometer of land has been acquired for the construction of bypass road. Land owners accuse that the compensation paid to them is far less than the market price of the land. They also claim that officials of NHAI and state government had assured of more payments but now they have refused to make the payments. The project is a part of The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) plan to enhance transportation in backward regions. It has selected 33 different National Highway stretches with approx total length of 3770 km for upgradation. NH 98 is being upgraded to two lane connecting Patna with Hariharganj in Hazaribagh. A major portion of the highway falls in the Left Wing Extremism affected area. Senior engineers of NHAI claim that compensation package has been given to the affected families as per the norms specified by the state and central government. However, displaced families are seeking revision in the compensation as per the new Resettlement and Rehabilitation package notified by the state government. Residents claim that compensation for agricultural land has been doubled and for commercial land package has been quadrupled by the state government. Furious over the partial payment, residents have stopped the construction work at the bypass road and also at a portion of NH 98. Protestors are demanding an additional payment of Rs 70 crores for 242 families. The bypass road is a crucial lifeline to the NH 98. If the bypass is not constructed at Bikram then vehicles will have to travel nearly 40 km extra to Arwal to connect with NH 98.

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