Bhumafia Encroaches Land with Police Collusion in Lucknow

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Aashish DeepLand Conflict Watch

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October 28, 2019

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Township/Real Estate



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Uttar Pradesh



In Devpur Para village of Lucknow, 24 families are struggling to get a house built on the land they have paid for. Property dealers in the region who form a nexus with the police have encroached the land. These families had bought the land a few years back. Recently, when they started to construct their houses on the land, encroachers, forcefully with the help of the police, hounded them out. After the commencement of the 'Antiencroachment squad' in the state in June 2017, these families approached the Lucknow administration for help. Subdistrict Magistrate (SDM) of Sadar region took cognizance of the application and got the encroachment removed. Landowners started the construction again. A few days later encroachers again appeared at the site and got the work stopped in the presence of the police. People allege that this time police threatened to put them behind bars if they did not stop the work. All the families are again requesting the SDM to intervene and help.

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Lucknow Administration

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Local Property Dealer

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