Anadapur-Chowbaga land conflict

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December 3, 2019

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West Bengal



The Chowbaga land belonged to zamindars. The government had taken it over after the zamindari system was abolished but the original owners challenged the move in the 1970s. However, in March 2016, a division bench of the high court ruled in favour of the government. But occupants of this land are saying that previous Leftfront government gave pattas to them for farming. Around 350 families depend on this land. After recent court ruling, government officials tried to plant pegs to formally mark the land, without giving any legal notice to occupants. The villagers uprooted the pegs, saying they have legal barga certificates, issued by the Left government in the 1987. They are demanding if the government wants to take over the land they need to sit with them and discuss the compensation package. Current valuation of the land is estimated around Rs 4,350 crore, at Rs 30 crore an acre.

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KMDA, TMC goverment

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