2000 Families are Demanding the Promised Plots From LDA in Lucknow

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Uttar Pradesh



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Almost 2000 families in Lucknow, the capital of India's northern state Uttar Pradesh, are waiting to get their homes and plots promised to them by Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) long ago. During the 80s, LDA planned a development scheme of building Nehru Enclave a new township in Gomti Nagar near Ujariyaon village (now Vaibhav Khand). For the project, LDA acquired land from Ujariyaon village along with other nearby villages. Ujariyaon village also had a land of 9.375 acres owned by a registered cooperative society named Swarg Ashram Sahkari Samiti Ltd. After a failed attempt at convincing the government of Uttar Pradesh to exempt its land from the acquisition, the society filed a petition in High Court challenging the acquisition by the LDA. After the High Court dismissed the petition, the society approached the Supreme Court and got a stay order on the acquisition. Meanwhile, another conflict came up. In 1991 Defense department of the government of India demanded a demarcation of their firing range on the land acquired by the LDA. Till the time allottees of the plots and flats under the Nehru Enclave project along with the society filed individual petitions against LDA. Later, LDA resolved the issue with the society by providing them the similar amount of land in a different location but allottees kept pursuing their case quashing the alternative options given by the LDA. In the year 2013, High Court passed a judgment in favor of the allottees, ordering the LDA to provide them flats/plots in the same promised area. But, owing to the dispute with the department of defense LDA has neither provided the alternate land to the society nor has it complied to the judgment of the High Court about providing the allottees their flats/plots, till now. People affected have constantly been demanding that LDA should comply with the court's order.

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Lucknow Development Authority, Defence Department

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Swarg Ashram Sahkari Awas Samiti Ltd.

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