11 Years After Land Acquisition, Kanchipuram Farmers Yet To Receive Fair Compensation

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Elizabeth ManiLand Conflict Watch

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January 6, 2020

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In 2008, the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamilnadu (SIPCOT) had sent a land acquisition notice to the farmers of Eraiyur village in Kanchipuram district to acquire 600ha of agricultural and residential land for a manufacturing park. According to A.P. Ganeshan, a farmer, many of the farmers gave up their land in the hope of receiving a fair compensation, but the corporation fixed a price of Rs 100 per square feet of land, while the market rate for the same area at the time was Rs 200. The farmers have been fighting since for a higher compensation. Over the last decade, they have protested several times and submitted multiple petitions to the district collector. Ganeshan told Land Conflict Watch, No one has helped us so far. Two years ago, when we organised a protest, the then district collector, K. Baskaran, promised to get us a higher compensation in six months, which we never got." Meanwhile, the district administration met the farmers in January 2019 and promised them compensation soon. SIPCOT was established in 1971 to boost industrial growth in Tamil Nadu. It has so far developed 20 industrial complexes in 12 districts in the state.

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State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu

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