In ‘World’s Largest’ Lift Irrigation Project, Telangana Govt Violates Land Acquisition Laws

September 2021

New Delhi/Chennai: On June 22, the Telangana high court directed district officials in the state’s Siddipet district “not to dispossess” a group of elderly people whose homes will drown under the upcoming reservoir.

The petitioners were not offered any rehabilitation or resettlement packages by the state government and were being asked to leave, despite a stay order from the court. “Your officers are acting in an egoistic manner,” the judges observed in court.

The Komaravelli Mallanasagar is among the 20 reservoirs proposed under the massive Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP) coming up in Telangana. This was not the first time the high court rapped the state over its treatment of people who would be displaced by the project.

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